Intuitive Sessions

I give intuitive sessions in person and over the internet.  My intuitive sessions are mostly “psychic” in nature.  Each session begins by setting an intention, and then I read what your energy holds. 

I glean much of my information through images and sensations, and I may converse with your spirit guides and ancestors.  I can read past lives, gifts and challenges in this life, relationship dynamics between you and another person, and glimpses of the future you are attracting.  As you listen to the information, I suggest you take what resonates and leave the rest.  The power is in your hands to do what you want with the information.

When deemed appropriate and supportive, I incorporate energy work such as reiki, chelation, and Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Lights.  I often pick up on your aches and pains, and if the source is energetic in nature, I can help bring relief by moving stuck energy and grounding you.

My mediumship skills are rapidly growing.  I have the ability to communicate with some spirit guides and ancestors.  While such communication is currently not the main focus of my intuitive sessions, many clients have felt validated and supported by the information gleaned from spirit guides and ancestors.  I am passionate about ancestral healing, and I am currently doing my own work around ancestral healing so I can someday offer this service to others.

While I have a master’s in mental health counseling, my work is not psychotherapy.  I am a conduit of information, and I hold the space for us as I share the information with you.  The information I provide are not a substitute for any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.  I am available after sessions for check-ins, and I have a wonderful network of professionals if you’d like a referral.