Vicky Vail

A Bit About Vicky

My ancestors are from Germany and the British Isles. I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, USA. A wanderer at heart, I have traveled and lived in a variety of places, from Maine to the Caribbean to Colorado.

My love for people spurred me to obtain a BA in psychology, and a desire to heal myself and others propelled me to earn a MA in mental health counseling. At my internships, I developed skills in social justice counseling and gained experienced working with Deaf / Hard of Hearing (HoH) clients. I am HoH myself, and these tools enabled me to recognize the shame (internalized oppression) I held around my HoH identity, as well the resiliency I carry within me.

While I hold degrees in psychology and mental health counseling, my passion is the intuitive arts. This passion was sparked by my mentor in Idaho, Lisa Tenney, in 2014. Since then, I’ve received invaluable training in Boulder, Colorado from the dynamic duo Julie Cobb and Nicole Sacchitella, as well as kemper kaliana.

Currently, I am working with my own ancestors under the guidance of Rachel Weitz (Boulder, Colorado). Ancestral healing has been powerfully transformative in my life, and I have found joy in cultivating relationships with my ancestors. It is my desire to obtain practitioner training in ancestral healing so I can someday offer this service to others.


“I bow in deep gratitude to all of the teachers who have mentored me along the way: Lisa Tenney, Julie Cobb, Nicole Sacchitella, kemper kaliana, and Rachel Weitz. This work would not be possible without my ancestors, whose love I carry within my own bones. I thank also the friends, family members, and passerby who have supported me along the way. Of special note are the connections I made in Boulder, Colorado, the ground in which my intuition sprang into life. Last but not least, I have immense love for the souls who have awakened parts of myself, even when painful: there is no rose without a thorn.”